Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!: If You Ever See Me At The Hair Cuttery, Please Take Me To A Doctor.

           My mother has a “Facebook friend” who is a gratuitous poster. I think we all have some of those in our feed – those lovely people who spend 75% of their day telling you what they’re snacking on, what building they work in, when they had to make a trip to the bathroom, how great they seem to think they are in general… Well, the other day this woman made a status update about how she was trying to decide what kind of haircut to get, whether or not to donate it. She chose NOT to donate it and then informed everyone that she was at the Hair Cuttery. My response to this one was, “No one should be Facebook posting about being at the Hair Cuttery unless the post is ‘Oh no. I’m at the Hair Cuttery.’”
            The odd relationship we all have with our hair is not new. It’s really quite funny when you think about it, how attached people are to the dead cells coming out of their head. Nevertheless, many people spend a lot of money to keep their dead cells looking full of life. I may be one of them.
What I showed Omar... and what I got!
            I got my hair cut yesterday, for the first time in a year. The lack of haircuts was a matter of fiscal prioritizing, not an aesthetic decision. When I’m lacking in funds, the two things that get knocked off the necessity list immediately are haircuts and dentist appointments. One might argue that I should not skip dentist appointments, but I have pretty healthy teeth, so I’m not concerned. They’re not super white, but they’ve never been. Haircuts? I’ve been told before that I pay too much for my haircuts. Can you really put a price on the relationship with your hair stylist though? I don’t think so. Omar has been cutting my hair for close to 20 years. I would never let anyone else touch it. I even came back from Indiana to see him. He just has that effect on people. When I was in Norway briefly, I met some musicians whose name I had heard before… from Omar. I even confirmed… “Excuse me, this is an odd question, but who cuts your hair?” (This is not something a balding man probably hears very often). He confirmed that it was, indeed, Omar, and we bonded over our love for the North Shore’s best.
            Anyone who has a substandard stylist who can never get it right, or who has had a few really bad haircuts, will understand the sentiment that when you find someone good, you don’t stray. Yesterday I showed him a picture and told him I wanted “Cat Deeley’s going to the grocery store” haircut. I’m so happy!
            I actually discovered that I spend quite on the
AFTER! He's good... 
low end of what hairstyles CAN cost. Ted Gibson, who I don’t know that I’ve heard of before, charges $1200 for a haircut! THAT’S INSANE. I really enjoyed this one before and after picture though where a young Asian girl who looks like she’s just been arrested is transformed into a young Asian girl with silky hair. It made me laugh. Maybe that’s what it costs to turn someone who looks like a crack addict into someone who looks like a model. 

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