Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Fashion Friday!:The British Are Coming...

from the MAN show
           Yes, I have done it. I have broken down and resorted to stealing copyrighted images. I’m sorry, Getty. There’s no way I could have gotten a better copy of that model walking down the cat walk in that amazing wreck-of-the-hesperus-chic garb and that…. What’s that? What would you call that? FACE HAT OF WOODEN PLANKS FASHIONED AFTER A HALF-ASSED "KEEP OUT" ATTEMPT AT A CONDEMNED CANNED GOODS PLANT??? Where can I order those for all of my closest guy friends for their birthdays this year?
            I can’t stop laughing at the first 18 seconds of this video. (If it doesn't load it's of the scrapped plank men in motion. I don't know that I'd watch the rest of it unless you want to wallow in wankerdom).
Men’s fashion week London. Wow. And people thought men’s fashion was dull. You’re going to have to read this article in the Dailymail because I don’t want to go to blogger prison for copyright infringement. Actually, don’t read, just look at the pictures. Do not, I repeat, do not take a sip of coffee before you scroll through these pictures. There are men dressed in trash bags, men dressed to go pirate fishing ships in the Baltic (even one outfit for that guy who wears shorts all winter long despite frigid temperatures), and one guy who looks like he wants to camouflage with Kraft Mac n Cheese. Let's not even discuss what I will pretend is just an attempt at a chimney sweep convention's commemoration and not something which may be construed as horrendously racially inappropriate. 
The plank hats though, those are my favorite. Think of all the things you could do with a wooden face. You could be the center of attention by starting the bonfire at an outdoor party. You could actively play with your cats by turning your face into the scratching post/jungle gym of their dreams. How about head-standing yourself into a temporary pothole cover? Depending on the choice of wood, you might be a nice air freshener. If you’re in a swimming mood you could provide a small raft for rats in need. You definitely wouldn’t need botox.

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