Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Fashion Friday!: No Need For Cold Feet

SmartWool Popcorn Cable Sock

           Today is Black Friday. It is a somber day. There’s a lot of mindless idiocy going on in the shopping malls and people are buying up anything they can that’s on sale, just because it’s on sale. Or they’re committing senseless violence so that they can be the one to take home the discounted electronic product they see in another’s hands. It’s ridiculous and disgusting. It makes absolutely no sense. I would like to help bring some grounding to the situation by talking about feet. More specifically, as it is Fashion Friday, clothing for feet – socks!
            I have mixed feelings about socks. It’s really been quite an evolution of thought. It started with “Fun and wacky socks are awesome!” Next came, “I’m really sick of socks that stick out over my sneakers. I want all short socks.” Very quickly after that thought was, “Why the hell don’t they make socks for girls with big feet?! Every pair of socks I have has a hole in the toe after I’ve worn it three times. Screw this, I’m buying men’s sneaker socks.” “I’m sick of socks! Is it summer yet? I don’t want to wear socks anymore. Flip-flops! YES! NO SOCKS! Wait, I don’t need to wear socks with UGGS? I can go year round without socks! JACKPOT!”
Puma Running Socks
The most recent sentiment has been, “Life is too short to spend searching for socks that match. I’m just going to grab two and hope that no one notices.” To simplify and assist that last sentiment, my sock stock has become mostly Puma sneaker style socks, black with different color writing. They’re all very similar, so I can grab two and have sort of the same thing. I highly recommend these Puma socks because they are a little bit longer than the average sock, so they don’t bust at the toe on my long feet. Some of them also have a little extra cushion under the ball of the foot. Or they’ll have a bit of compression around the arch. I really can’t speak highly enough of the Puma sock.
Patagonia Light Weight Merino Crew Sock
Patagonia makes some nice socks too. They’re pretty expensive though. I am only lucky enough to know about these because on one rainy day in NYC I happened to step in a puddle with my UGGS. Remember how I told you how great the soles on those are? How the water just seeps up from the bottom to make sure you have nice clean feet? Yeah, that was NOT a fun experience. Luckily, I was loaned an excellent pair of Patagonia wool socks. They were quite nice to borrow (it would probably be more accurate at this point to say that I have stolen them) – so warm, soft, and snug. And they were men’s socks so they were big enough for my feet. I don’t know why they make women’s socks so small. (All right, so my feet are a solid two sizes larger than the average woman, but still!) Not to mention, it’s fun to wear other people’s stuff because it reminds you of them. SmartWool socks are also great, but expensive. I don’t know how people can rationalize spending $20 on a pair of socks.
Maybe they don’t have to. Maybe everyone buys their $20 socks on sale on Black Friday. I will not be doing that. I do hope that along with their socks, the majority of people are buying some pants. I have to say that I was in Boston last weekend and noticed quite a lot of ladies NOT wearing pants. I even shouted, “Why isn’t anyone wearing any pants?!” and “Look, I can see her underwear!!!!” Do I need to republish my original blog post? Perhaps I shall, since Thanksgiving feasting has rendered me too lazy to write any more…….. 

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